Black Opals

Kamuela Goldsmiths is known for a variety of beautiful gems, but the king of the gemstones here is the black opal, which Marc calls the “phenomenal gemstone.” Increasingly rare, the black opal has a kind of fiery inner light, with a play of brilliant colors. Due to the particular geologic nature of their formation over millennia, black opals are found at only one place in the world: Lightning Ridge in New South Wales, Australia. The collection of black opals at Kamuela Goldsmiths is now the largest and finest collection of investment grade black opals anywhere.

The mines at Lightning Ridge are not corporately controlled as with some other gemstones, but are small, family businesses. Kamuela Goldsmiths sources its black opals directly from these miners and has obtained some astoundingly beautiful stones. (See “Earth, Wind and Fire” and “Natures Masterpiece” black opals on this website).

Under Marc’s hands, opals make extraordinary jewelry pieces; he cuts the stones not for maximum yield, but to maximize their beauty. “Black opals are very hard gems to cut, but I enjoy this challenge because it allows me to showcase each stone’s individual color pattern and fire,” he says.

This philosophy of maximizing stone beauty rather than stone yield applies to all the gemstones at Kamuela Goldsmiths: since only the finest gems in the world are used, customers can see the difference well-cut and rare gems make in a piece of fine jewelry.

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