Marc Gregg – Master Goldsmith

Creating Beautiful Custom Jewelry

Marc Gregg enjoys an international reputation today as a master goldsmith for making beautiful jewelry. But this reputation came only after many thousands of hours of perfecting his artistry, a reputation that you might say he earned literally from the ground up: he started first as a gold miner in Alaska in the mid 1970’s. But rather than digging the earth for gold – the raw material, Marc found he liked and had an affinity for making gold jewelry. It soon became his passion, a passion which continues through today. Starting as a miner gave Marc an appreciation of how and where the raw ingredients of beautiful jewelry come from, and that guides him today in seeking out and buying only the best quality gemstones, sourced directly from miners when possible.

Marc creating some justom jewelryMarc began making jewelry – the entire creation – with his own hands and that is still what he does today. He emphasizes he is not a jeweler – no three piece suits and off-the-shelf computer jewelry creations from Hong Kong for him. He is a true self-taught craftsman, who likes to say he “lets the stones talk,” listening and letting each stone tell him where and how it will look best. “When I design something (and almost all of his work is custom pieces for both women and men), it is a very personal process of understanding the customer and what they want.

I want to enjoy doing this and of course I want the customer to enjoy the finished piece,” he says. Though he has won numerous awards for design excellence from the Hawaii Jewelers Association and other industry groups, that is not what motivates him. “Truly, I do this for the love of it…it’s not about the money. My award – or rather reward – is when a satisfied customer walks out the door.” He is proud to say that most of his customers and clients become his friends and that because of his international clientele he has touched the lives of many.

Kamuela Goldsmiths - inside galleryAlong with making beautiful pieces of jewelry and the friends that go along with it, Marc also gets great personal enjoyment in educating his clients – and in fact anyone who walks into his shop –about the many intricacies and aspects of gemstones. His philosophy is that this makes them a better informed buyer, whether from him or from someone else and that it ultimately has the positive effect of raising the level of quality in the gemstone industry.

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