Fine Custom Jewelry
Investment Quality Black Opals & Gems

Kamuela Goldsmiths – Hawaii

Welcome to Kamuela Goldsmiths, one of the world’s finest jewelry stores, specializing in custom-made black opal jewelry handcrafted by Master Goldsmith Marc Gregg on Hawaii’s “Gold Coast.”

Kamuela Goldsmiths features a collection of rare investment quality black opals and other precious gems. The exquisite jewelry at Kamuela Goldsmiths is almost entirely made by store owner and Master Goldsmith Marc Gregg in matchless gold or platinum settings with gem grade black opals, diamonds, pearls, and other beautiful gemstones.

Kamuela Goldsmiths has an international reputation for its jewelry creations along with having the world’s largest and finest collection of gem-grade black opals from mines in Lightning Ridge, Australia. Many of these opals are sought after by investors and carry price tags of more than $1 million.

Kamuela Goldsmiths is the creation of Marc Gregg, who has worked perfecting his jewelry craftsmanship for more than 34 years, and who opened his store at Parker Ranch Shopping Center in Waimea on the Big Island of Hawaii in 1998. Like its location in Hawaii, Kamuela Goldsmiths has a warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere, welcoming everyone from around the world to meet Marc and experience his one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

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